The 100 Child March

Chances are you’ve heard about the Million Man March – but this isn’t a million, it isn’t about men, and it’s not about that kind of march.

This has to do with your enrollment.

Chances are you’re back in school for the 13-14 school year (if you start tomorrow, you’re pretty much there), and things are as insane as they could be, with new teachers, new procedures, new parents, new forms that must be completed and new tuitions that must be collected.

But this is the also the time to start thinking about the next school year! This week’s topic is designed to get you moving into that mindset, and start planning your enrollment goals for the 14-15 school year.

Why not “shoot for the moon,” and say you’re going to enroll 100 new children by March 2014. That’s the first step to making your 100 Child March a reality. Then, you can start to make plans as to how to attain that goal.

Setting this type of goal accomplishes three things:

1) Although it may seem a long shot, aiming for 100 and attaining only half of that would still be a respectable increase in your school’s enrollment. If you dream big, and don’t reach your goal, it’s better than “dreaming small,” and reaching your goal, or, worse yet, not reaching your goal;

2) Defining a goal is the first step to acting in a positive way toward that goal’s attainment. Even though that sounds pretty matter of fact, the fact is that sometimes we’re so busy we can’t even think of goals we want to achieve. If that’s the case, here’s a goal for you…and may it be the first of several (not too many – that’s very important to remember!) that you plan to achieve this year to help solidly position your school next year; and

3) It’s important to remember that good marketing does not increase enrollment. Effective marketing increase the number of inquiries to your school; a good enrollment program, methodology and follow-up turns those inquiries to students in the seats.

We’ll look at a few more goals you can set over the next few weeks.

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