Where Two or Three are Gathered…

Isn’t it nice to have company? The opening line to “By My Side” from the musical “Godspell” states, “Where are you going? Can you take me with you?” While we do have the need to be alone (most importantly, to be alone with our God), we are social people. Our salvation is found in our faith, but faith is manifested in our service to others.

And then there are all of those pearls of wisdom – “Many hands make light work;” “Two heads are better than one;” and, of course, “Where two or three are gathered, there I am in the midst of them.” If we want to make sure Jesus is beside us, all we have to do is make sure there’s someone else with us who is also a believer, and that we’re doing His work.

So what does this have to do with marketing your school? It helps to recall that parents have friends who are also young parents. Many parents take their children to the same neighborhood daycare, or participate in the same playgroup. Therefore, why not take a cue from a parent’s need to be “in community” with their friends.  If you don’t believe young parents believe in community, then you haven’t seen this Web site called “Facebook.”

When a parent calls and requests information about your school, don’t just sent one packet – send two or three, so that they can share the information with their friends who also have children that are starting school. Parents face difficult consequences if they make the decision to choose your school while the parent’s friends choose a different school (public or private). Perhaps one will choose a local Christian school while the other chooses a public school. This may still be what happens, but at least you’ve shared information about your school with all those parents, and exposed them to the importance of the message of the Gospel. If you send only one information packet, those other families may never know the opportunity they’re missing.

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