For some reason, some of us have a difficult time talking about our schools in a very public setting. Perhaps it’s that we learned to be humble, and that mindset has carried over into how we market (or don’t market) our schools.  I personally like to think of the Scripture passage that says that no one lights a lamp and then puts it under a bushel basket. We are a light to our communities, and therefore, must let that light shine.

If you want to involve the community in your school, speak to community groups, starting with the Chamber of Commerce. They’re always looking for ways to help in the community. What’s even better is if you join the Chamber of Commerce. Then you’re in a networking situation, and able to present your school to other community businesses and organizations at their events.

And yes, it’s more to do.  There’s ALWAYS more to do!  However, remember that when Jesus healed the blind man, the hemorrhaging woman, and the leper, his powerful deeds were told by those who witnessed the miracles to others – to the point that crowds pressed in on Him wherever he went. It’s a great example of the effectiveness of positive word of mouth marketing.

Have a compelling story to tell about your school.  Speak it, because it’s really more than marketing…it’s evangelization!

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