I’m Gonna Write a Little Letter, Gonna Mail It To My Local…

DJ?  “Roll Over Beethoven” shows how much we’ve changed in the past 50 years.  Letters and postcards were sent to radio stations DJs to ask them to play songs.  Then telephones were brought into the studio.  Today, we write letters again…literally (RUOK?  OIC.  ROTFL!) via text.

In these days when we can mail merge, maybe this would be a good time to slow down a little bit and mail a “personal” (as in, handwritten) letter to your local PP (Prospective Parent).  Colleges are doing it.  Several years ago, when my daughter was going through the process of choosing a college, she received a PERSONAL letter from a Carlow University alum telling her all things great and wonderful about the institution.

That’s personalization, and it’s what parents want for their children.  Personalized and individualized treatment.

This year, perhaps one of your school’s alums, or a current parent who is a “raving fan” of your school can hand-write a letter to a prospective parent or two.  Even to parents that have left the school in the past couple of years!  With Advent upon us, it would be a great reconciliation effort. Remember, your school is a community of learners…. and building community is something we are all called to do.

And what about the children? While writing their letters to Santa, maybe they can write a Christmas wish for their school to a parent of a prospective student, telling them about the great things they’re experiencing, and hoping that their children can share in the experience next year. It tugs at the heartstrings for sure, but no one can resist heartfelt requests from kids…especially if it’s written on a handmade card!!

Prepare ye the way…

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