If I’ve Told You Once…

…I’ve told you a thousand times!!

Remember when our parents said that to us?  They were our first teachers, in so many ways…even regarding the basic principles of Marketing!

Before his fall from favor, Bill Cosby demonstrated one of first instructional sentences a parent uses to teach their children:

“No…no…no..no..no.no.no.nononono. NO!!”

As well as:

“Come here….come here…come here..come here..come here come herecomeherecomehere. COME HERE!”

Our parents, therefore, provide us with the inspiration for this week’s marketing matter.

You must convey the message about the remarkable place your school is, along with the remarkable things that happen there once.  Then, say it again…and again…and again..and again and again and again andagainandagainandAGAIN!

Here’s a good rule of thumb.  When you begin to tire of saying the same thing about your school over and over and over and over and over and over again, it’s probably right about that time that someone is just starting to get the message, which will cause them to have a change of mindset a little further down the road after they hear the message a few (thousand) more times, and decides to visit your school’s Web site.

Remember, about 10 years ago, it took around 9 exposures to a new idea to only start to cause a change in one’s mindset and be open to simply considering investigating the idea a little more.  5 years ago, that number rose to about 13.  Today, with mobile devices that deliver new information instantly, and literally hundreds of applications and social networks all vying for attention, that number could have increased exponentially by today.  Interestingly, if information is heard across multiple channels, the mindset shift is accomplished much sooner.

In other words, if one parent says something positive about your school, it may take a significant number of messages from this same parent to begin a mindset shift.  However, if 5 parents share positive messages about your school to one parent, then the mindset of the prospective parent begins to think there is something worth investigating further much sooner.  If a positive comment is posted on Facebook, tweeted in a tweet on Twitter or even posted on a board on Pinterest, it can validate what’s been heard, and further accelerate the shift from not even considering your school as an educational option, to actively seeking more information about your school and scheduling a tour.

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