Meet The Parents – Part II

This week’s “Marketing Matter” comes from an initiative set forth by a school in Western Pennsylvania.

The principal set up meetings with several parents who were receiving financial aid, yet whose aid application showed they were not in need of as much financial aid as they were receiving. Full-tuition was broken down into a daily rate, and further, into an hourly rate, at which point was shown to be less expensive than the cost of daycare would be for their children! If there was a hardship, then the family would receive the necessary financial aid in order to help ease their burden.

Want an example? If your school’s tuition for 1 child is $4,350 a year, and you have a 10-month payment plan at your school, that’s $435 a month – which is more than many car payments today.

But, depending on your State educational guidelines, there are around 990 hours of instructional time required per school year. That’s about $4.40 an hour. You’ll pay more than that for a teenager to watch your kids watch TV, give them a snack, and tuck them into bed.

Once the parents saw and understood the value they were receiving, and could compare costs to something they were familiar with, they were open to the realization that need-based aid is a matter of justice.

It’s Scriptural as well: “Much will be required from everyone to whom much has been given. But even more will be demanded from the one to whom much has been entrusted” (Luke 12:48).

Being entrusted with the leadership of a Catholic, Christian or other faith-based school requires bold steps today…and you can’t develop a relationship with parents just by sending invoices to them and expecting them to pay.

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