Advancementaily is designed to help move one’s mindset from one of Development to one of Advancement.  Development is important in that it’s a long-term approach to sustainable funding for your school, and some schools have embraced higher education’s example of naming their efforts toward Development as “Institutional Advancement.”

The difficulty is that Development and Advancement are becoming synonymous when there is a definite distinction.  Development deals with all those things that reach out to constituencies outside the school’s daily activities, such as planned giving, appeals and campaigns, alumni relations, grantwriting,  networking and events.  Development is a part of Advancement, which also includes attention to Enrollment, Retention, Marketing, and, especially in an elementary school, Asset Management.  Development and Enrollment are the two main sources of income to a faith-based or private school, and an Advancement Director needs to know where they stand with respect to each element’s actual performance measured against projected performance.

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