When moved from a small Yahoo Group to a Web site in 2007, links to stories of interest to school Development and Advancement Directors were posted here. A favorite told the story of a school that had a successful fund raising event for 18 years, and then was cited for not having the proper permits in place for their most recent event.  The school argued they were not guilty of any violation due to historical precedent – as in, “But we’ve always done it this way!”  Sound familiar? The laws change – and because they do, you just CAN’T do it “that way” anymore….which means more work for you as a Development or Advancement Director.  Ignorance is no excuse for non-compliance, as schools are painfully discovering.

Remember when parents could “work off” fundraising fees, or gain a tuition reduction for “volunteering” at school functions?  Not anymore!  Since the parent is receiving a “direct benefit” from the “work” that they are doing, the monetary value of their services can be considered as taxable income.  For more details check with your school’s tax advisor.

Don’t have one?  You’ll need to change that soon too.

As SchoolAdvancement advances, you’ll find monthly “Development Development” articles can be found by visiting the drop-down link from the main navigation, while “Development Developments” contains links that connect to resources rather than directly to articles of interest.

Interestingly, and perhaps ironically, SchoolAdvancement has always posted links to articles – but guess what?  We CAN’T do it that way anymore, because many of the articles have been archived by the organizations that initially publish them, and the links no longer work.  Links are updated from time to time, but for up to date discussions regarding topics of interest in the field of Development and Advancement, join LinkedIn at and join some of the groups that focus on development, marketing, enrollment, philanthropy, and other elements of the DREAM framework.